Chartered Teacher Programme - CTeach

Didsbury High School and the Chartered College of Teaching are very proud and excited to announce that we will be providing the Chartered Teacher Programme. As a school, and a Trust, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence across all aspects of school life. This is particularly true of our Professional Learning which we believe to be the bedrock of a successful school. Research based practice is not something we merely preach, but insist on as a way of ensuring positive professional development. We already lead on a number of external CPD courses and the Chartered Teacher Programme is now a very valued part of that CPD.

The Chartered Teacher Programme aims to recognise the skills, knowledge and professionalism of teachers. Participants in the programme have highlighted its value and the impact it has had on their practice, opening up new opportunities and ideas, and focusing relentlessly on improving outcomes for young people. There is no doubt that it is a challenging programme, but that is an important part of its value. Completing the programme demonstrates both excellent knowledge and practices as a teacher, and a commitment to professional growth, collaboration and development. After successfully completing the course teachers will be awarded with Chartered Teacher status.

The CTeach programme is the first of its kind, it is a chance for teachers to really delve into their craft and provide the best possible experience for the students in their classroom. At Didsbury High School we are extremely excited to be a CTeach provider. We are looking for our first cohort of teachers to take part in this challenging but prestigious programme. If you want to join our cohort please fill out the application form below.