Meet Your Teachers

Miss Houghton

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Houghton has spent all her teaching career at Cheadle Hulme High School and is very excited about the move to Didsbury High School as Assistant Head of School. She started out as a classroom history teacher, after studying history at the University of Manchester and completing a PGCE in history teaching at Manchester Metropolitan University. Miss Houghton believes in the importance of history; it helps young people gain a sense of who they are and what world it is they live in. History gives students the skills to argue and discuss but it also pushes them to look to the past in order to understand the present and hopefully shape the future.

As well as teaching, for the last three years she has also had the role of Head of House at CHHS. This whole school role involves monitoring the progress and behaviour of students across different year groups. The Heads of House also push students to bring out their competitive side and compete in a variety of House activities from sports to science fairs. Miss Houghton will continue to develop this ethos in Didsbury students, helping them to be academically successful but also an active participant in wider school life.

Miss Houghton feels very honoured to have been appointed Assistant Head for Didsbury. Didsbury is a community she very much cares for and is attached to. She is looking forward to helping the young people of Didsbury develop the qualities and skills that will enable them go on to the future of their choice.

Mrs Clayton

Head of Pastoral Care and SEND

Mrs Clayton graduated from The University of Nottingham with a degree in Psychology before completing a PGCE in Mathematics. She worked in pastoral care and safeguarding at Cheadle Hulme High School for 10 years prior to joining Didsbury High School. 

She is passionate and fully committed to supporting students and their families so everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of circumstance. She has worked closely and effectively with professional agencies in Stockport, Manchester and Trafford to ensure a holistic approach to student welfare and progress. 

Mrs Clayton has significant experience ensuring the individual needs of students with SEND are fully recognised by staff. She develops and implements personalised support plans for students with SEND to remove potential barriers to academic, social and emotional development.

Mr Theobold

Head of Progress & Head of English

Mr Theobold graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA Hons in English Language. He is currently completing his Master’s in Education through Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). He completed his teacher training at a school in Trafford through MMU and worked at Cheadle Hulme High School for four years prior to joining the Didsbury High School team. Mr Theobold has undertaken a variety of curriculum and pastoral roles in his career. He will be Head of Progress and Head of English at Didsbury High School .

He is looking forward to exploring literary texts and ideas with the students at Didsbury High School, challenging misconceptions and appreciating a range of perspectives on a number of social and political issues. As Head of Progress he is also very keen to ensure that all students engage in the curriculum, giving them the opportunities to pursue their passions post education.

Miss Richardson

Head of Pedagogy

Miss Richardson studied Geography at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and joined Cheadle Hulme High School as an NQT in 2005. She is incredibly excited about her new role as Head of Pedagogy at Didsbury High School. Miss Richardson has been Subject Leader for Geography since 2007 and a Specialist Leader in Education in 2015. Miss Richardson is currently completing a Master’s degree in education and is an advocate for using research to inform pedagogical approaches in school.

Mr Haslam

Director of PE for Trust secondary schools

Mr Haslam studied Sport Science and Business at Liverpool John Moores University, gaining a first-class honours degree before completing his PGCE at the same institute. Mr Haslam spent three years at a school in Macclesfield before becoming Head of Boys’ PE at Cheadle Hulme High School. In June 2017, Mr Haslam was appointed Director of PE and Sport across the Laurus Trust. In September 2017 he successfully completed his Master’s degree in education.

Mr Haslam enthuses students with his love of sport. He aims to develop students physically and mentally in order for them to reach their full potential.

After successfully starting the PE departments at Laurus Ryecroft and Laurus Cheadle Hulme as Head of PE, Mr Haslam is excited about the prospect of expanding to Didsbury High School and continuing the vision and ethos of the Laurus Trust within a sporting environment.

Miss Taylor

Head of Science

Miss Taylor studied Developmental Biology at the University of Manchester, where she also completed her PGCE in secondary science. She has a love of learning and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Education. Her varied teaching experience across both the private and state sector has instilled in her the belief that all students should have access to the very best in education, no matter their background. She wholeheartedly believes in the vision of the Laurus trust that we can and will ‘level the playing field’. Miss Taylor is passionate about science and excited to foster students’ curiosity about the world around them, while developing the scientific skills of the students of Didsbury High School.

Mrs Heath

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Heath studied French, Spanish and Italian at Sheffield University before embarking upon a career in commercial management. However, eager to play a bigger part in shaping the future of young people, she decided to start her teacher training in the north east of England. She taught for three years at Cheadle Hulme High School before joining Didsbury High School.

She truly believes that every student should learn a new language, and her goal is to help students understand the link between learning in the classroom and the wider impact this will have on their lives in the future.

Miss Perry

Teacher of English

Miss Perry studied English Literature at Roehampton University in London before undertaking teacher training with the Altius Alliance based at Cheadle Hulme High School. Prior to this she worked in Brussels in an educational setting for five years and she has also managed a children’s tuition centre.

Miss Perry aims to inspire students to develop a love of literature and provide them with the tools to express themselves confidently and eloquently through oracy and their writing.

Naturally, as an English teacher, she is a voracious reader in her own time as well as a keen squash player.

Mrs Kenny

Teacher of Language

Mrs Kenny graduated with a degree in French and Italian in 2004, and has a Master’s degree in Linguistics. Before joining the Laurus Trust as an Associate Teacher in 2018, she taught English as a Foreign Language in Luxembourg and the UK.

She is looking forward to inspiring young people to learn languages and helping them to develop their cultural awareness.

Mx Teale

Teacher of Maths

Mx Teale graduated from the University of Bristol in 2017 with a degree in Mathematics. They then went on to train at Manchester Metropolitan University for their PGCE where they spent a placement at Cheadle Hulme High School. It was here that they became interested in working with the Laurus Trust and at Didsbury High School. Mx Teale is looking forward to helping to shape a new school and to encouraging a new cohort of student to have a love of Maths and problem solving!

Miss Dale 

Teacher of PE

Miss Dale graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2018 with a first class degree in Sport with Childhood and Youth Studies. Miss Dale then completed her PGCE with the same institute, teaching in schools in Wilmslow and Gorton. Miss Dale believes teaching physical education creates the opportunity to develop skills and behaviours conducive to maintaining physical activity for a lifetime. She believes there is a sport or activity suited to every child and passionately promotes extra-curricular as a tool to improve communication, teamwork and confidence.