Laurus Trust schools are committed to promoting the welfare of our students through regular school attendance. Every day lost to education can have a serious impact on students’ attainments and overall progress in school. The link between good attendance and high levels of achievement is undeniable. Poor attendance and lateness may also be detrimental to the social adjustment and development of students. 

We are therefore fully committed to promoting school attendance by providing an environment and ethos where all students feel safe and can build positive relationships with their peers.  

As a school, we will: 

  • Promote good attendance and punctuality
  • Reward good attendance and punctuality
  • Deal promptly with the causes of poor attendance and lateness
  • Involve all staff, students, parents/carers, governors and outside agencies in promoting good attendance
  • Refer to Manchester’s School Attendance team when students are persistently absent

We ask that parent/carers: 

  • Ensure their child attends every day the school is open
  • Ensure their child arrives at school on time each day
  • Notify the school as soon as possible when their child has to be unexpectedly absent (sickness)
  • Arrange medical appointments, where possible, for out of school hours or on a Wednesday afternoon. Provide evidence for all medical appointments.
  • Only request leave of absence in exceptional circumstances and do so in advance


For more information regarding the responsibilities for school attendance, please see the Department for Education guidance here.

For more information, please read our attendance policy