Welcome to the Learning Support Department

We believe that SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disability) is not about a label or diagnosis; it is defined by a student’s presentation of need and the amount of support that is needed to help them to make progress in their education and achieve their full potential.  

We recognise that each student is unique and therefore the support that they require should be personalised to their needs. The term ‘Neurodiversity’ is used to describe the differences in our brains that cause people to think and behave differently. We celebrate this diversity and look to recognise the unique potential that neurodiverse people have. 

We work closely with students, parents/carers and outside agencies to: 

  • Create an environment in which students with SEND can fulfil their potential 
  • Enable students with SEND to function as independently as possible within the school environment and the outside world 
  • Create a partnership in which the school, home and other agencies work together for the benefit of students with SEND. 

We know that many families have experienced difficulty in getting the right support in place for their child and aim to work with you to remove these barriers. We understand that SEND is a complex area, full of jargon and statutory processes, and that this can make it difficult for parents and students to navigate. Click on the sections below to understand how we support young people with SEND at Didsbury High School, along with support for parents and carers.

Meet our SEND team

What is the Student Support Centre (SSC)?

The role of Learning Support Assistants

Policies and useful documents

What to do if you think your young person has SEND

Useful links for parents

How will Didsbury High School know when a student needs extra help?

Glossary of terms

If, having read these documents, you have not found what you are looking for or if you need more support, please contact [email protected] and we would be more than happy to help you.