We’re delighted to share that a Didsbury High School (DHS) student has won the national final of the Discover Articulation Challenge!

Built on the success of the National Gallery’s Articulation Prize, the Discover Articulation Challenge is a national competition run by the University of Leeds.

The competition aims to engage KS4 students with art and develop their ability to express their thoughts and ideas.

In the first round, students across the country submitted videos of themselves discussing research on an artwork of their choice.

From the videos, judges from the University of Leeds and partner galleries selected 8 finalists.

Lyla, a DHS student in Year 10, was thrilled to hear she was chosen as a finalist!

She headed to Leeds on Wednesday 14th June 2023 to compete in the final.

Lyla delivered a powerful speech about her chosen piece, “Quipu Womb (The Story of the Red Thread)” by Cecilia Vicuna.

An image of the artwork that Lyla discussed. Cecilia Vicuña'sQuipu Womb (The Story of the Red Thread, Athens)

Cecilia Vicuña’s Quipu Womb (The Story of the Red Thread, Athens) 2017 Photo via: Tate © reserved, available at: https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/vicuna-quipu-womb-the-story-of-the-red-thread-athens-t15921

She impressed the adjudicators, who were Gallery Educators from the National Gallery in London, with her discussion of the piece.

The judges of the Discover Articulation challenge, Mrs Patton (Lyla's art teacher) and Didsbury High School student Lyla stand together smiling in front of a projector screen which reads: "Welcome to the Discover Articulation Challenge 2023"

Judges Dr Carlo Corsato and Ed Dickenson stand alongside Mrs Patton (Lyla’s art teacher) and Lyla at the final.

Her sophisticated content and confident delivery made her the judges’ choice and she was announced the winner!

Lyla was praised for the way she made connections about the artist, cultural heritage, and her own experiences and feelings when viewing the work.

We’re thrilled to hear of Lyla’s win, this is a huge accomplishment to be proud of!

We’d like to say a special thank you to Mrs Patton, Lyla’s art teacher, for guiding and supporting her through the process.

To read more about how Art is taught at Didsbury High School, please click here for the curriculum statement.