What is the catchment for Didsbury High School?

Manchester schools do not work within catchments, instead places are offered based on the distance you live from the school. This year our Year 7 students come from a 1.03 miles radius of the school, the year before the radius was 1.3 miles.

Do you have a behaviour policy?

Yes we do, we take behaviour very seriously. We have consequences for unsafe, poor or disruptive behaviour. We also take a serious stance on bullying and disrespectful behaviour in the community.

For more information see here.

What are your expectations of attendance?

For students to get the most from their education they need to attend school. Students are encouraged to aim for 100% attendance and any medical appointments should be made outside of school hours or on a Wednesday afternoon.

What are your expectations of uniform?

Students need to adhere to the uniform policy. If a student is not wearing the correct uniform, including their shoes, they may be kept in isolation until the issue is rectified.

For more information see here.

What pastoral support is available?

We have non-teaching Heads of Year at Didsbury, so there is always someone available to talk to about any concerns or worries. We also have a Head of Pastoral Care who oversees the welfare of all students.

What extracurricular activities are available?

Lots! We offer a range of electives: sports, music, art, culture, debating and more. Many of our electives are run by external experts. All students are asked to commit to two electives each term.

What is your policy on phones?

We are aware that many students have mobile phones, however, these are not allowed within our school building. Each student is given a valuables locker inside their tutor room where they can lock their phone away in the morning and collect it at the end of the day.

How do I get to school?

Everyone who attends Didsbury High School lives close to school so we strongly encourage students to walk or cycle. There are plenty of bike sheds to lock bikes away. Anyone who cycles must wear a helmet.

What sporting facilities do you have?

We have a range of sporting facilities on site including a climbing wall, a fitness suite and a dance studio. We also have access to a range of facilities across the Didsbury area including the Hough End playing fields and squash courts.

What are lessons like at Didsbury?

Each lesson and each teacher is different, but in all of our lessons you can expect to work hard and be challenged. Each lesson will give you access to new knowledge and you will constantly be asked to review and retrieve knowledge learned in previous lessons. Our teachers will also support anyone who is struggling with the work, but they will never allow you to give up!