In a year that many schools have seen their GCSE results falling due to a return to pre covid standards, Didsbury High School (DHS) staff and students have continued to demonstrate how a mixture of courage, perseverance and hard work pays dividends.

An impressive 42% of our Year 9 cohort achieved a grade 7 (old style grade A) or above and an amazing 26 students achieved the top-level grade 9.

A Didsbury High School student holds her GCSE results and smiles

Aielish was thrilled with her Spanish results

Overall, a phenomenal 85% scored a grade 4 standard pass and above.

A Didsbury High School student smiles with a proud family member after finding out her GCSE results.

There were smiles all around as students and families celebrated their amazing results

To put these results in context, grades for this academic year have been pegged to 2019 grade boundaries where, nationally, 70% of students got a 4+ (compared to DHS’s 85% this year).

Similarly, when we unpick the national data for top grades, 24% of students got a 7+ in 2019 (compared to 42% this year at DHS).

Two Didsbury High School students open their GCSE results.

We’re incredibly proud of all of our GCSE students for their hard work and achievement

These comparisons to national data really do exemplify how incredibly well our students have performed.


Head of School, Katie Houghton, said:

“We are all exceptionally proud of our Year 9s – they have worked amazingly hard to achieve these grades and they are a huge credit to the school, to themselves and to their families. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and diligence of our teachers, and the crucial support from home.”

David Woolley, Executive Head of School, added:

“I am so happy for them. Their hard work and effort have paid off, and, of course, made them cleverer!”

Linda Magrath, CEO of the Laurus Trust, commented:

“I’m particularly proud to see the success of our students especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds who have achieved above and beyond all expectations. This shows that all students, regardless of background, circumstances and ability can benefit from an academic education and achieve top grades.”

A Didsbury High School student is pleasantly surprised with his GCSE results, as his family look on excitedly while he announces his grade.

Many students received top level grades exceeding their expectations!


Well done to our fabulous Year 9s!