Over the half term break, 108 students from Years 9 and 10 and 11 members of staff visited Les Deux Alpes in France for a once in a lifetime Ski trip!

After a 22 hour coach journey, all involved were happy to arrive at the hotel to check in and prepare for the days ahead.



Day One: Allons-y!

Monday was the first day on the slopes,

For many, this was a tough day – over 70 students had never skied before.

To be successful, they had to dig deep and show perseverance, self control and determination.

After a few falls and setbacks, all students overcame their hurdles and completed the day ready to take on the challenge of Day Two!

Day Two: Après-ski!

Over the course of Day Two, all students grew in their groups and made rapid progress, going from baby slopes up to green, blue, and even red runs!

In the evening, they enjoyed a street carnival featuring live music, dancers and light shows.

Day Three: Quiz Masters

Day Three saw more and more students progressing to the advanced slopes and gaining confidence in their skills – staff made good progress too!

After hitting the slopes it was time for Quiz Master Simpson – where students competed in groups for a grand prize, showing their knowledge in a range of different topic areas.

Day Four: Bowling for gold!

A large group of students took on their peers at bowling, whilst others attended a ski show – where instructors demonstrated jumps, synchronised skiing and more.

Our top group of skiers enjoyed visiting the fun park towards the end of the week where they could practice jumps, grinds and more!

Day Five: Ending on a High

On the final day, all groups were taken to the glacier at Destination 3400m.

This was an opportunity to see some majestic views, and for some, it was also the chance to ski down from the very top!

The altitude at such a height was difficult for some students, but they showed a lot of bravery and were over the moon to have seen such a spectacular view.

The Ski trip was an amazing experience for all, and one we’re sure they won’t forget.

Thank you to all parents and carers of the students involved for supporting the trip!