On Wednesday the Y8 DEC Award elective students had a fantastic opportunity to visit Deansgate Square. This was hosted by our construction adopter Renaker, the developers behind the huge regeneration project of the Great Jackson Street area.

Students were invited to the marketing suite where they were given a presentation around the amazing scale models of the site so they could have an understanding of the huge development taking place in the area. It helped to have an insight into what buildings have already been built, the construction that is currently underway and proposals for future buildings across the site.

Students then had a tour of two of the huge towers that have already been built and occupied. One of which being Deansgate South Tower which is the tallest building in Manchester standing 201m high. Students were lucky enough to have access to one of the spectacular pent house apartments on the 64th floor. The views across Greater Manchester and beyond were fantastic.

It was a great opportunity for our students who are interested in architecture and the built environment to be able to visit such a fantastic development. Students found it very inspirational and they had a fantastic experience.

Huge thank you to our industry adopter Renaker for the experience.