Young Carers Award

The 2011 Census identified 177,918 young carers in England and Wales (last available Census figures). Some estimates suggest that now as many as one in five schoolchildren are young carers (University of Nottingham 2018), with this number increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a school community we want to help our young carers with the additional challenges they may face. 


Young Carers School Awards

We are delighted to have achieved bronze in the Young Carers in Schools Award, organised by the Carers Trust and The Children’s Society.

There are a number of young carers at Didsbury High School and it is a priority for us that they don’t miss out on an education because of the responsibilities they have at home.

We are proud to have achieved the award in recognition of the work we do to ensure young carers have the opportunities and support needed to succeed, despite the difficulties they may face.

Staff have received comprehensive training and we work directly with our young carers to provide one-to-one emotional support. We also work closely with the charity Gaddum and their Young Carers Shine Project, which provides specialist support and advice.

We are incredibly proud of all our young carers and of their resilience and positivity and will keep working hard to ensure they receive the education and support they deserve.