Didsbury High School (DHS) DEC Award elective students had an exciting chance to tour developments by Renaker in the Great Jackson Street area and see the progress of their new Laurus Trust sister school, Crown Street Primary School.

Renaker became our industry adopter after we joined the DEC family of schools in 2021.

The DEC Award elective and Renaker collaboration supports CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing) learning.

Through this elective, students can further explore their enthusiasm for the built environment.

After the success of last year’s visit to the development, we were eager to see how things have changed!

This was also a great chance for students to get a behind-the-scenes look at the newest addition to the Laurus Trust family of schools. 

With Crown Street Primary School set to open in 2024, construction is well underway!


A day of inspiration

Renaker welcomed the students at the marketing suite where they learned about the development using the amazing scale models.

Two photos taken in the Renaker Marketing Suite. Left: Didsbury High School students standing and listening to a Renaker employee describe the Great Jackson Street area developments. On a table in the foreground is a scale model of the Deansgate Square and Crown Street developments. Right: A close up of the scale models, showing Crown Street Primary School between Elizabeth Tower and The Blade.

The models show Renaker developments in the Great Jackson Street area which include Deansgate Square, Crown Street, The Blade, and Three60.

After reviewing the models and plans, the group were itching to get out and see the real thing!

To begin the tour, Year 8 were taken through Deansgate Square to see how the exterior designs are coming to life.

Two photos. Left: Six DEC Award students from Didsbury High School stand smiling next to a sign that reads 'Marketing Suite << Renaker' Right: A photo of one of the Renaker towers, taken from ground level with a fisheye lens effect, highlights the sheer scale of the building as students walking in the foreground appear tiny in comparison.

They were impressed by the amazing facilities the development already has to offer.

Students were then lucky enough to be given an exclusive look inside a £2.5 million penthouse apartment in the South Tower.

64 stories and 201m above ground, they witnessed one of the tallest and most spectacular views across Greater Manchester!

Two photos. Left: The view from the 50th floor of a tower shows the progressing Renaker developments in the Great Jackson Street area with Manchester city centre in the background. Visible, from left to right, are: Three60, The Blade, Crown Street Primary School, Elizabeth Tower, and Crown Street Residence. Right: Two Didsbury High School students and a teacher look at a '50' sign as they stand on the 50th floor of the tower.

This allowed them to see the scale of Renaker’s development and imagine how it could look when completed.

At the end of the day, our students left feeling inspired for the future of design and engineering.

We look forward to seeing the completed development!

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