Welcome to Didsbury Sixth Form

We are delighted that you have chosen to find out more about us and we hope that you find the information here useful in deciding whether Didsbury Sixth Form is the right Sixth Form for you.

We are an A Level only Sixth Form that is Unashamedly Academic, Unapologetically Aspirational and has Uncompromising Standards. Our vision is for students, regardless of background or circumstance, to get the A Level grades that allows them to access the most competitive and prestigious universities and professions. In essence, we are a Sixth Form for students who are passionate about knowledge, understand that hard-work is essential for success and hold high aspirations for themselves. If this is something that you can identify with then Didsbury Sixth Form could be a positive choice for you.

We offer a wide range of A Level subjects covering STEM, the Arts, Humanities and Languages. With our subject specialist teachers and high expectations, lessons and private study are conducted with real focus and challenge. We take education very seriously, as do our students.

To help you work towards these high aspirations we have a newly built Sixth Form centre on the top floor of Didsbury High School. With laboratories, classrooms, a Study Centre, Refectory, Drama space, event space and your own Roof Terrace, the environment is set so that you can focus on your studies whilst also enjoying the warm, welcoming environment.

We are also acutely aware that grades alone are not enough. Therefore, we also invest in your personal development. Through our unique Elective programme and Life After Laurus scheme, we immerse you in experiences that build on your personal, social and cultural knowledge, empowering you with the confidence to excel.

We hope that this short welcome has given you a sense of what Didsbury Sixth Form is about and if our vision and ambitions align with your own then we invite you to explore these pages further.

For more information about our Sixth Form email: [email protected]