Applying to join our Sixth Form?

There’s not long to go until our Admissions window closes!

There are some open questions on the application form which we’ll refer to when you come for your consultation meeting.

This is your chance to tell us more about yourself: why you want to study with us, the reasons behind your subject choices, your interests outside the classroom and any other information you’d like us to know.

We know that filling in these sections can be daunting.

Here are some top tips by our Director of Sixth Form, Mr Theobold, to help you on your way.


You & Didsbury Sixth Form

It is important to tell us about your reasons for applying to our Sixth Form and why you’ve listed your subject choices.

Consider how you could contribute to life at our Sixth Form through our Electives Programme.

This helps us to give you the best advice at your consultation appointment.


You & Your Future Beyond Sixth Form

At Didsbury Sixth Form, we aim to support our students to open the door to the future of their choice.

We know it’s early days but if you have a particular career in mind, or course or university you’d like to apply to, use this space to tell us, so that we can tailor our advice accordingly.


You & Your Interests

Whether it’s baking, gaming, or being part of your school or community sports team, we want to get to know you as a person, not just a student.

List any extracurricular activities you’re involved in and any hobbies you enjoy.

This helps paint a picture of who you are!


You & Your Reading

We are all readers at Didsbury Sixth Form.

Tell us about the book you are currently reading or the one you’ve just finished, and we’ll talk about it at your consultation appointment.



Final Thoughts

Finally, the number one piece of advice we can give to you is to continue to work hard to get the best grades you can in your GCSEs.

We know your mocks are coming up, so the best of luck with your revision!


Don’t forget to submit your application by Friday 9th December and email to [email protected]